Inexpensive tips for relationships

Doctor Love

Doctor Love

According to a 2004 American Psychological Association survey, 73 percent of Americans named money as the number one factor that affects their stress level. As a college student, I understand the student loans, living month to month and the minimal amount of “green” in the checkbook. However, a few helpful tips from “Doctor Love” will have you spending less and enjoying more with your significant other.

Cutting back is the first tip in solidifying your love life during a troubled economy. Taking your girlfriend or boyfriend out for a fancy dinner a few times a week? This does not mean sharing a TV dinner. Cut back by creating a romantic at-home dinner for two. Spice up the dinner table with a few lit candles, play soft music in the background and enjoy your partner’s favorite meal. Not only is this more romantic than eating out, it is guaranteed to ease the burden on your checkbook.

Being creative is the second tip on my bailout-proof relationship guide. Stop spending your hard-earned dollars at the movies, driving around or even bowling. Add adventure by taking a walk under the stars, biking a trail or planning a camping trip for two by a lake. Not only are these creative ways to increase your partner’s interest level, but they hardly break the back of your piggy bank.

Minimizing your stress is my third tip to prolonging your relationship. Stress and miscommunication are the two key factors that can ultimately end a relationship. With money tight, your stress level peaks to an all-time high. To avoid a relationship collapse, understand where your stress stems from and avoid compounding your problems on your significant other. Eliminating the “blame game,” opening lines of communication, practicing stress relievers and solving monetary problems together will ensure that your relationship stays intact.

Just being together is my fourth and final tip for fighting a tough economy and minimizing stress. Understanding each other and enjoying the company of one another is crucial to any successful relationship. A relationship needs communication and honesty, not monetary value. Take time to listen to each other’s problems and tackle them together. Calling your boyfriend or girlfriend and simply asking how their day went is more important and compassionate than throwing money at a relationship.

The economy may be in turmoil, but your relationship does not have to be. By simply following and understanding these four concepts, I assure you your relationship and appreciation for one another will expand without breaking your bank account. This is Doc Love, and I am signing off.