Letter to the Editor: Give your extra FLEX dollars to Harvest Table


As a former student in the dorms, I know the meal plan situation. You have to have one even if you don’t eat on campus or use the C-Store. At the end of the semester, many students may have up to a few hundred dollars left to spend. If you think you’re going to end up in this situation in a month or so, I urge you to do something worthwhile with that FLEX! While buying three cases of Coke may seem like your best option now, I really think donating a C-store item to the Brookings Harvest Table is a better idea. The Harvest Table is similar to the Banquet in Sioux Falls and other programs in other cities. They provide a free meal for anyone every Monday night at 5:30 p.m. and also assist families with grocery needs. Your help would be truly appreciated and even just one item can make a difference in your community! Donations can be made at the Larson Commons C-Store starting April 13. Help support the Harvest Table and spend that FLEX!

Jackie BentzenOn behalf of the Brookings Harvest Table