Qdoba will serve up ‘fresh’ Mexican cuisine


Steven J. Hurd

The Qdoba Mexican Grill will provide another dining option for SDSU students when it opens its doors in Brookings on April 7.

The new store will join Quiznos as the second restaurant to come to the newly built Calla Center strip mall located on Sixth Street between Z’kota and Dairy Queen. This store will be the fifth Qdoba Mexican Grill to open in the state of South Dakota.

Qdoba offers a wide range of Mexican cuisine. Although they are best known for their signature burritos, Qdoba also offers nachos, quesadillas, tacos, soups, salads and more.

“If people haven’t tried food at a Qdoba before, I think they’ll be pretty impressed by the freshness of our products,” said A.J. Hofer, Qdoba general manager.

“I think Qdoba is another great food option for SDSU students,” said Scout Forbes, a pharmacy major. “Not only does Qdoba have great food, it also provides many different options for those who love to eat Mexican food.”

The store hours are set from 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. However, there are plans to extend store hours if the business does well.

The restaurant has indoor seating to accommodate a maximum of 72 customers. There is also an outdoor patio for diners to enjoy pleasant weather along with their meals.

Qdoba will be accepting Hobo Dough.

“We had the option to serve alcohol here, but we decided to accept Hobo Dough instead,” said Hofer.

A stipulation of the Hobo Dough program is that businesses that serve alcohol are not allowed to participate.

Hofer is happy with the turnout for job applicants.

“We had and continue to have a wide variety of kids applying,” he said. “We will have a nice, full staff ready to go to work come Tuesday.”

A “Friends and Family day” at Qdoba is scheduled for April 6, the day before the opening. Free food will be given away with donations welcome. All donations received will benefit SDSU.

Qdoba also has a “Radio Day” tentatively scheduled for April 25. Qdoba Operating Partner Stew Mehlhaff encourages all who are interested to attend the event. Mehlhaff said they will be giving away T-shirts, Qdoba coupons and other items.

Kelsey Moulton, a sophomore pre-pharmacy major, is excited for the opening.

“Qdoba is like a Mexican Subway, and I love it.”

#1.881749:1885989441.jpg:Qdoba.ES.CMYK.jpg:Qdoba stands almost finished on March 31. Doors will open on April 7, offering another option for Mexican dining in Brookings.:Ethan Swanson