When dressing for interviews, stay classy

Emily Wickstrom

Emily Wickstrom

I figured I would write a column for all those graduating seniors about how to look professional on the job or for anyone doing internships. Remember, in order to look the part you also need to dress the part, so have a little fun with your work attire.

Wrong: Skinny-legged trousers

Right: Wide-legged trousers

Why: A good pair of dress pants will flatter your body and make you look right for any occasion. Wide-legged trousers are the most flattering pants for any body shape because they slim out the hips and thighs, balance wide shoulders and make your legs look longer. They look best when paired with a good pair of heels or flats. Dress them up by adding a suit jacket or make them more casual with a basic button-down. Or try a lacy tank and wear them out for a night on the town. Every woman should own a pair of these!

“I think that they are sexy, but make a woman look professional at the same time. The pants make a women look sharp but in a comfortable way,” said Bethany Bleeker, senior interdisciplinary studies major.

Wrong: Navy Punk Gothic Jackets

Right: Suit Jackets

Why: Polish your career wardrobe with a suit jacket. One with a defined waistline helps to make you look slimmer and taller. If you have a thick middle, make sure you are not buying a jacket that is cinched too much or you will not be comfortable and it will make you look bigger than you really are. Also, a cropped jacket can show off your narrow hips and long legs while a longer jacket can conceal a tummy and elongate a short torso. You will look leaner if you stay with one color throughout the suit, while a pattern will draw the eyes to areas you want highlighted. Suit jackets are easily worn with a simple little T-shirt and jeans or a lacy tank top and some wide-bottom trousers and can be worn for many different occasions whether it be casual, glam or professional.

“I think they look nice if the appropriate size is purchased. The cute ones with a high waist and bold colors can go really well with jeans or black pants,” said Blair Rau, senior human development and family studies major. “JC Penney and Target have really cute ones.”

Wrong: Chunky Heels

Right: Kitten Heels