Spruce up April using hairstyles and glasses

Emily Wickstrom

Emily Wickstrom

Fashion may not be my major (although I am starting to think it should be), but it is definitely one of my top interests. The last time I predicted spring to be right around the corner, we received more snow, so I will not do that again. I hope you thoroughly enjoy my column this week, inspired simply by some of my best friends as well as TLC’s What Not to Wear.

Wrong: Ponytail

Right: The Bump/Pouf

Why: I like to call this hairstyle the bump because you are basically taking a small part of the front of your hair, twisting it so it creates a “bump” and securing it with bobby pins and hair spray. A lot of times, I mostly just use my bangs. I have seen celebrities like Jennifer Lopez with this hairstyle, and she always wears it with soft waves. I think it looks best with some soft waves but can be worn with just straight hair as well.

“I like the bump/pouf because it works with all types of hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s long, short, straight or curly,” said Megann Davis, a senior advertising major.

Wrong: Short Shorts

Right: Walking Shorts

Why: Stacy and Clinton from TLC’s What Not to Wear love when women come in and can’t seem to get away from short shorts. The reason? They show way too much skin, making women look much older than they really are. The fix: a neutral (brown, tan, blue) walking short. It creates a longer line for the eye to follow, making you look much taller and also looking much more your age!