Keep long-distance relationships sizzling

Doctor Love

Doctor Love

Distance can be defined as a “numerical description of how far apart objects are”. Distance relationships, however, can be defined as a “numerical description of how far love will go”. As the closing of the semester draws ever closer, many of you will enter in a relationship that will expand in miles. My last article of the semester will tackle the challenges of long-distance relationships and how you can ensure that the relationship will stay intact.

Confidence. Being confident in ANY relationship is not only a turn-on, but a vital structure. In a distance relationship, starting off the summer questioning whether or not it’ll endure the distance is negative. Positive emotions from the get-go will damper the criticism and hesitance to terminate the relationship prematurely.

Communication. Love and relationships are more than a physical attraction. Especially in distance relationships, communication is the very foundation every relationship needs. For example, sending a “good morning” text, calling after they get off work to see how their day was or leaving a “just saying hi” voicemail will build upon that foundation.

Travel. Finding ways to spice up a distance relationship may be difficult but hardly impossible. Traveling unexpectedly to their hometown will bolster that physical need and also that emotional need. Being unpredictable is attractive, so take that trip. If your significant other lives several hours away, find a way to meet halfway. Doing and seeing new things together creates a romantic atmosphere for both.

Emily Kimbrough once said, “Remember, we all stumble, every one of us.