Columnist: Immigrant’s seminar sheds light on Obama’s citizenship

Ian Odle

Ian Odle

On Sept. 26, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar in Sioux Falls given by Dr. Orly Taitz. Taitz is an immigrant from the former Soviet Union and has been one of the leaders in exposing evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible to constitutionally be president of the United States. In her seminar, Taitz shared her experiences with the audience on how her lawsuits against Obama have been hampered by corruption.

It is important to give a little background into the issue of Obama’s eligibility. No one has ever seen Obama’s records on whether or not he was actually born in Hawaii. There is evidence that he was in actuality born in Kenya. But the most important issue is that of being a “natural-born citizen.” Even if Obama was born in Hawaii with an American mother, his father was Kenyan. Being a natural-born citizen in common-law terms means that you and BOTH of your parents were born on U.S. soil. So even if Obama was born in Hawaii, he is still not a natural-born citizen and not eligible to be president.

You may wonder why a Russian immigrant would be leading the charge to uncover the truth behind the origins of Obama. Her explanation was she can see parallels in the new direction of the United States government and that of the former Soviet Union.

Perhaps the most incredible thing that Taitz has dealt with over the last few months is having one of her cases disappear from the United States Supreme Court docket the day after Obama was sworn into office. How could this happen in the United States of America? This kind of corruption goes beyond any traditional conspiracy theories; this is the total takeover of all three branches of government by some group that has the power to buy off everyone in the federal system.

If there is a shred of evidence that Obama is not a natural-born citizen, then it needs to be investigated by every federal agency, every state agency and every elected official until the truth is found. Do elected officials actually honor their oath to almighty God to uphold the Constitution or is it just a formality so they can take a position of power and use it for their own personal gains? I call upon all people in positions of authority to investigate this issue relentlessly until the truth is discovered.

The mainstream media that has not told you any of the facts on this issue is either bought off or just afraid to tangle with this issue, and the media is already seeing the effects of not reporting the news with slipping popularity. Citizens are now getting their news from other outlets since the mainstream media is silent on perhaps the most important issue in American history.

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Before you brush off this story as just another conspiracy theory, I ask you to research the facts for yourself. That is the only way anyone can ever find the truth.