Library to look at main-level space

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

The Collegian and the Students’ Association members were notified on Oct. 21 by an anonymous e-mail that administration has plans to remodel the library.

The e-mail sent to The Collegian, titled “Briggs reduced by third,” read, “Apparently the plan is to build and locate offices with absolutely no connection to the library or library services along the inside perimeter of the library’s main level,” the e-mail read. “Most importantly, this would eliminate all or most of the general study space and work area on the main level of the library.”

Bob Otterson, executive assistant to the president, denied any accusations of a concrete plan to renovate the library.

“The university is always looking at different buildings on campus to solve spacing issues,” said Otterson. “Recently the library has had the Honors College implemented into it, so there have been offices put in, but that is nothing new.

“It is possible that someday more library renovations could take place, but as of right now, there are no plans in action.”

The topic of renovating the main level of the library arose at the faculty meeting last week. The library intends on installing compact shelving systems in the basement, which would then remove the need for shelving on the main level.

“Once we have the compact shelving we will have new open floor space on the main level,” said David Gleim, dean of the library. “The meeting was set to figure out what we want to do with that potentially empty space.”

Gleim said that the library is working on a new plan to find the best possible way to use the potential space.

“We may end up using that space to provide students with private study rooms that they can meet with groups in,” Gliem said. “That is something that would benefit students and their study needs.”

The e-mail notified the press and SA of a meeting occurring at 1 p.m in which Provost Laurie Nichols and President David L. Chicoine would be there discussing the topic.

Approximately eight senators arrived for the meeting, including SA President Matt Tollefson, but they were asked to leave because the meeting was never intended to be open to the public. It was for librarians only, as well as Nichols and Chicoine.

“As far as our office is concerned, we are still waiting to find out more about the library,” said Anthony Sutton, an SA senator at-large. “We look forward to working with the library and any administration regarding any and all plans there may be.”