Confessions create smart advice

Doc Love

Doc Love

It’s hard describing heartache because it is a one of a kind thing. Heartache can cause serious injury and a whole lot of endless pain. Most of us have felt this at least once in our lifetime.

We have all been through that heartbreak, the “games” of dating and hopefully a few success stories as well. In this week’s column, I’m going to be honest, open, and fully exposed to my dating history. Here’s a look at what has made me “Doctor Love”.

I started dating my sophomore year of high school. My dad had always taught me to keep to my morals and treat women with respect. For me, it wasn’t about making out or partying in a cornfield. I was looking for that “high school sweetheart” that so many of our parents talk about. For my first girlfriend, however, her plans were slightly different. Like a sad country song would say, she left me standing there in the pouring rain, three weeks after we started.

After graduating high school, I still kept to those morals I learned from my father. After trudging through my first year at SDSU, I attempted to date again. This time, I met a kind-hearted girl who shared similar views on life, morals and dating. Since my first attempt at dating had ended in a tidal wave that could have sunk a few ships, I vowed to be more open, honest and better at communicating. Sadly, almost two weeks in, her friends dropped off the stuff I had bought her at my door and “that was all she wrote”. Starting off 0-2 in the relationship department was like the beginning to a bad football season.

Towards the end of summer 2008, I started dating a co-worker of mine. She was spontaneous, humorous and intelligent. However, I struggled with the difference between jealousy and trustworthiness. For any man that has stuck to his morals and kept his chivalry approach, you’ll know what I am talking about. Three weeks in and I was out by hearing the dreaded words, “it’s not you, it’s me”.

For anyone that seems to be at odds with the dating gods, I know what you are feeling. I constantly battled with the idea on whether it was myself or everyone else. I vowed to never date again. It wasn’t until I kept to my values and settled for nothing less than what I deserved did I find what I was looking for.

Four months ago, I found the one that has matched me step for step. Sharing the same morals that resemble my character, she is the one I can trust and someone I can lean on. I owe so much to my father for showing me what chivalry is and how far morals can take you. My advice to you for this week is to stand firm in what makes you who you are. If you’ve found what you’re looking for, I’m happy for you. If you haven’t, stay strong. I am Doctor Love and I’m signing off.