SDSU awarded high marks from Learning Commission

Catey Watkins

Catey Watkins

Provost Laurie Nichols announced at a town hall meeting on Nov. 9 that SDSU has been recommended for accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission.

The team recommended a 10-year full accreditation after concluding their exit report on Nov. 4 and was pleased with many of the university’s programs and functions.

Nichols said that the team requires an update by 2013 on the diversity enhancement strategic plan, as it is too soon now to evaluate the changes the team would like to see in the university.

The evaluators were very impressed with student organization and leadership.

“They commented that student leadership was ‘remarkable’ and ‘sophisticated’,” said Nichols.

She went on to say that campus fund raising was ‘exceptional’.

Although students may find the continuous construction bothersome, the team felt that SDSU had “extraordinary facilities development”, also commenting that facilities such as the Wellness Center were excellent. They believed that the “Wintrode Center and Support Systems are assets to the university”.

Not only did they believe that the leadership on campus was “collaborative” and “engaging”, but also that the staff and faculty was very dedicated and had a robust learning assessment program.

The team also commented that SDSU handled the switch from Division II to Division I quite well, making it a smooth transition.

SDSU President David Chicoine thanked all who continually contribute to making this college such a success in the new Monday message that will be sent out weekly to staff and faculty.

“A recommendation for continued accreditation is the result of all our collective efforts, and I thank all of you for those daily contributions,” wrote Chicoine.

Another point the team chose to recognize was the outstanding functional relationship that the university has with the community as they help each other grow and better themselves.

According to the Higher Learning Commission’s Web site, the team evaluates an institution based on five general themes. These are the mission and integrity of an institution, the allocation of resources in preparing for the future, student learning and effective teaching, discovery and application of knowledge and engagement and services.

The probable accreditation of SDSU demonstrates its prestige and dedication to higher education. The decision of the evaluators extends to distance learning programs as well as those offered on campus.

The Higher Learning Commission oversees the accreditation of 19 Midwestern and South-Central state universities.