East dorms contain entertainment choices

Vanessa Marcano

Vanessa Marcano

Though there are many constant and diverse activities happening on campus, sometimes you simply do not feel like making the trip out to The Union. Never fear, for most of the dorms at SDSU offer many entertainment options. So grab your student ID and explore the many possibilities found in your local hall’s lobby or basement.

Caldwell Hall

Home to about 300 students, this dorm is one of the closest to The Union and features a modern design.

Molly Eichenberger, a senior dietetics major and office assistant at Caldwell, said this hall has a pool table, a TV lounge and study area, as well as a variety of board games that can be checked out at the front desk. Periodically, Caldwell hosts movie nights in the lounge area and hosts outdoor events. This hall is also known to have grills available for residents. It is always recommended to check with the Community Assistant on duty to see what events are going on.

? Upcoming events: Vary with seasons and CA’s plans – make sure to check events board in main lobby.

? What some say: “I’ve been to one of the dances at Caldwell, but I would suggest them to strategize a bit more in matters of budget, advertising, decoration and music choices,” said Nathan Holsather, a junior international business major and former Hansen and Caldwell resident.

Binnewies Hall

The humble abode to nearly 490 students, this dorm hall is connected to Larson Commons and shares some of its entertainment features with Young Hall. At one point last spring, Binnewies residents could be seen sporting T-shirts jokingly gloating about the particular state of their hall’s leaky pipes.

Jackie Willard, a sophomore biology for pre-physical therapy major who mans the desk at Binnewies, said there are pool tables, Ping-Pong tables and a TV area, all located in Larson Commons.

“Every Tuesday morning, there is free coffee in the first floor dayroom,” she said.

? Binnewies shares its commons area with Young Hall, opening up opportunities to mingle with the other hall’s residents.

? There is a computer lab and a small convenience store at Larson Commons.

? Binnewies has a sand volleyball court and plenty of outdoor recreation space nearby.

Young Hall

Also connected to Larson Commons, this dorm hall is able to house around 488 students and shares entertainment facilities with Binnewies residents. According to SDSU’s Web site, Young Hall is the closest to the Stanley J. Marshall HPER Center, giving it prime access to sporting events and activities.

Cody Burggeraff, a sophomore geographic information sciences major and CA in Young, said there are Ping-Pong, pool and air hockey tables available to students, all located in Larson Commons.

“We also have a lot of outdoor stuff available for checkout, such as soccer balls, footballs and tennis racquets. Any student, not necessarily a resident, can check this equipment out with their ID,” he said.

Burggeraff said CAs usually put on different activity programs, depending on the season, varying from game tournaments, cooking nights or educational programs.

? Upcoming events: Four Square tournament, “Stay Safe” drinking game program on hazards of alcohol abuse, Murder Mystery Night.

? What some say: “Just before classes started this semester, there was an outdoor dance at Young. I enjoyed it,” said Luke Rensink, a sophomore dairy manufacturing major.

Brown Hall

Known as the “healthy living” hall, Brown is home to roughly 400 students. The main lobby has plenty of lounge space and a flat-screen TV.

Nick Meisinger, a senior electrical engineering major and office assistant at Brown, said there are pool and foosball tables available for students. One of the distinguishing features of Brown is its workout room, located in the basement and usually open during regular front desk hours.

“There are some treadmills and aerobics equipment in the workout area,” he said.

? Upcoming events: Make sure to constantly check the bulletin board. Next spring is the Brown Hall formal dance.

Pierson Hall

Around 440 students eat, sleep and are merry in this lively dorm hall. Pierson is a few steps away from The Union and features the Hobo Hangout. Lisa Martinson, a senior sociology and human services major and a CA at Pierson, said that the Hobo Hangout, located in the basement of Pierson, features a lounge with a big-screen TV, an additional TV for the Wii system, Ping-Pong, pool, foosball and air hockey tables, in addition to booths and study areas complete with free wireless Internet. From 7 p.m. until midnight, there are treats such as ice cream, chips and soda available for purchase at the Hobo Hangout. Pierson residents also have “Power Study” hours for four hours, starting at 3 p.m., during which an academic assistant is nearby to aid anyone having a hard time with homework.

? Upcoming events: Homelessness/Global awareness program. “On Nov. 20, we will spend all night at the Hobo Hangout, building cardboard houses and playing different games in an effort to raise awareness on the issue of homelessness,” said Martinson. The program is scheduled to start around 7:30 p.m.