SDSU honors President Berg

Catey Watkins

Catey Watkins

On Nov. 24, the American Association of University Professors held a local reception at the Brookings Public Library to honor SDSU’s Sherwood Berg for 50 years of membership. Berg was also recognized nationally at the AAUP’s annual meeting in Washington D.C.

Former alumni and SDSU president, Berg has been a member of the organization since 1958 and is one of only 70 members in the organization to have been involved for 50 years or more.

“The AAUP is a very effective organization when it comes to legal and professional advice as it pertains to education; including issues like less funding by the state for public intuitions,” said Berg.

Berg served as president of SDSU from 1975 to 1984. His administration created lasting programs and helped to increase enrollment.

Even though SDSU’s chapter nearly died out, it was revitalized in 2004 thanks to members such as Berg.

“The AAUP is an organization that supports interest of faculty both as a professional organization and a bargaining association for faculty jobs and works; it’s the key institution on academic freedom,” said fellow AAUP member Meredith Redlin of the Sociology Department.

“The organization is vigilant on assuring that the professors have academic freedom. Allowing the professors to have different views to present to students.

The AAUP is very interested in the tenure program-especially the tenure program of those forced to work only part-time,” said Berg.

Berg and his wife Elizabeth fund the Sherwood and Elizabeth Berg Faculty Award for faculty who are in the first five years of their academic career, and have “demonstrated commitment and encouraging potential to carry out the land grant philosophy of integrating teaching, research and outreach.”

During Lyndon Johnson’s presidency which began in 1963, Berg did research in Yugoslavia, Norway and Denmark for the U.S. to be “the eyes and ears of American agricultural helped them get set up after the war.” Berg’s passionate research and work strived to increase U.S. exports.

The AAUP was founded in 1915. SDSU’s only chapter is relatively small but continues its activities to this day.