Wearing red shirts on Fridays can help support troops overseas

Briana Troske

Briana Troske

American citizens across the nation are joining in an effort to support U.S. troops who are overseas.

More than 800,000 citizens across the United States have become part of a Facebook group called “Project Red Shirt.”

SDSU residence halls are taking an active role and encouraging everyone to wear their red shirts every Friday.

The group hopes to inspire troops to keep fighting and help them realize the overwhelming support back home.

“I think it’s a good cause and I know a couple people from my high school who are in the Army, Air Force and Navy,” said Kara Merchant, a sophomore from Spencer, Iowa majoring in sociology. “I would be willing to wear a red shirt to show support.”

Not only is “Project Red Shirt” on Facebook, but it is being introduced to the SDSU campus. Some residence halls such as Caldwell, Young and Binnewies have been taking a spirited role in this event since last year.

“Last year we did the project ‘Letters to Soldiers’ and this semester we are doing ‘Seeds for Soldiers’ and making care packages for them,” said Kristen Carlisle, the Larson Complex residence hall director. “Depending on the turnout for those events we may have a picture taken of all the students who wear a red shirt on Fridays.”

Currently, shirts are only being made for the student staff and hall government members in the Larson complex area. If interest seems to peak, then shirts will be made for students across campus.

“I saw one of my friends on Facebook who is in the service was a member of the group and I thought it would be good for our students to show their support,” said Carlisle. “We have a lot of students at SDSU who are in the service and we thought it would be a good idea.”

In order to become a member on Facebook, all one has to do is type in “Project Red Shirt” in the search box. The main page is covered with messages from people who have loved ones in the service, along with pictures and videos.

“I have a cousin in Kuwait and a friend from high school in Afghanistan,” said Christine Murtha, a junior Spanish education major from Brandon, S.D. “The program will hopefully help students be more aware of the soldiers that are overseas.”