Waneta to offer deluxe singles


Upperclassmen who have grown weary of sharing a space with a roommate or are simply looking for more solitude in their living quarters may now have a new alternative.

SDSU and Residential Life will be offering Deluxe Singles in Waneta Hall starting fall of 2010.

The price for a deluxe single is estimated to be $1,772 per semester. Amy Danielson, the Medary Area Complex Director, said she thinks this is a reasonable price. She said that with the estimated price, the new project will pay for itself.

Each deluxe single will include a dining table and chairs, desk, lofted bed, two closets, an oversized chair and Internet access.

Danielson said when deciding what to put into the rooms, they looked at students’ needs. She said most students already have a futon and microwave and fridge, so they opted not to include them in the rooms in order to leave space for residents’ belongings. She says they are considering offering rentals for microwaves and fridges for students who don’t already have them.

Tyler Odegaard, a junior biology and economics major who lives in Bailey Hall, thinks the amenities included are nothing special.

“I just think that even though it’s only one person in a room, it’s still a small space and it will be crammed. I think the dining table is pointless since there’s no kitchen.”

Kristen Carlisle, the Larson Area Complex Director, thinks the amenities included are good, especially considering the price.

“You don’t ever have to worry about who’s cutting your grass or who’s cleaning the bathroom,” Carlisle said.

The rooms will only be available to juniors, seniors or graduate students.

Danielson says any freshman student living in Waneta this year will be able to stay in Waneta for the 2010/2011 school year.

“The freshmen already living in Waneta will get first dibs, and then we will open it to juniors, seniors, and graduate students. After next year it will strictly be upperclassmen,” Danielson said.

Dan Haag, a third year community assistant in Waneta Hall, has some reservations about only offering the singles to upperclassmen.

“I think it’s a mismanagement of space,” he said.

Haag said he thinks the new dorm won’t hold many more students than Waneta currently does and all the change will do is shift everyone currently living in Waneta to the new dorm. He said that by just shifting students, the residence hall will not be gaining much more space.

Carlisle said she thinks the deluxe singles will be beneficial.

“I think they will provide more options to upperclassmen to stay on campus and that’s what they’ve told us they want,” Carlisle said.

Haag thinks the singles will be beneficial to some upperclassmen.

“There are a lot of people who want a quiet space and don’t have the options to go get a house or apartment or even enough people to fill a lease,” Haag said.

Danielson is hopeful about the singles and hopes upperclassmen take advantage of them. She said even with the changes there is a strong “west side pride” and there will still be a strong sense of community in the Medary Area.

Tara Schwinger, the Waneta Hall Residence Hall Director, said she thinks the singles will go well.

“So far we’ve had a good reaction, people have already come to look at the rooms and have shown an interest,” Schwinger said.