Sportsmanship, class crucial when it comes to USD rivalry


Editorial Board

Issue: Rivalry runs deep between SDSU and USD, which has caused some fans to act in an unsportsmanlike manner in the past.

With the upcoming SDSU-USD basketball game, the classic state rivalry is renewed. We at The Collegian support the competitive spirit and passion that SDSU students, as well as USD students, have. However, it’s one thing to be competitive and supportive of your team and it’s another thing to act in unsportsmanlike, uncivil and, frankly, moronic manner.

SDSU fans need to remember they are representing SDSU. Alumni, Summit League officials, SDSU faculty and staff and casual fans-including children-will be in attendance. What kind of impression do students want to leave with all these people? Most people come to games to see SDSU win; when it comes to playing against USD, nothing is more enjoyable. Deplorable and repulsive acts like throwing animal carcasses and behaving in an uncivilized manner take away from what should be a fun, yet competitive, experience for everyone.

Not only do these actions ruin it for fans simply trying to have a good time, but they also could cause a loss for SDSU. It’s safe to assume the Jacks would not appreciate losing the game due to a technical foul caused by obnoxious fans misbehaving.

We at The Collegian are not trying to take away from the thrill of having such a bitter rivalry. We enjoy few things more than winning against USD, but sacrificing our dignity and looking like idiots is something we cannot endorse.

SDSU needs to remember to stay classy, no matter how fans on the other side choose to conduct themselves. We are the bigger and better university; let’s be the bigger and better fans.

Stance: Passionate fans are wonderful and encouraged, but those fans should remember to act with sportsmanship and class while attending games, no matter how deep a rivalry goes.