Polar Plunge held to raise money for Special Olympics

Kristine Young

Kristine Young

Brookings Police and the University Police Department are hosting Brookings’ first Polar Plunge on March 20 at 1 p.m. in downtown Brookings.

Sgt. Joel Perry for the Brookings Police Department said the Polar Plunge is part of the law enforcement torch run which consists of a series of events to raise money for Special Olympics. The plunge raises money to support local and state Special Olympic athletes.

Perry said participants will be required to raise $100 and jump into a clean dumpster of ice water. Interested parties can sign up for the plunge at the event, or sign up early and collect donations through www.firstgivng.com. Each person will get a T-shirt for plunging, and the T-shirt will be good for deals at the after-plunge party that will be held downtown Saturday evening. Participants are encouraged to form teams and costumes are strongly recommended, said Perry.

If jumping into a dumpster of ice water isn’t your thing, you can still raise $100 and donate it at the event and receive a “too chicken to plunge” T-shirt that will also work for deals at the after-plunge party, said Perry.

Lieutenant Dave Stratton of the Rapid City police department has been active with the Polar Plunge in Rapid City and will be attending Brookings’ Polar Plunge. He said he is excited about Brookings hosting the event.

“SDSU getting all the different groups involved is not only good for Special Olympics or the law enforcement torch run, but it is good for students to get involved and help people in need,” Stratton said.

Luke Eisenbraun, a sophomore computer science major from Rapid City, is participating in the Polar Plunge with a group of Community Assistant’s from Pierson Hall.

“I’m excited to participate in the Polar Plunge and help the Special Olympics, but I’m a little nervous because it’s going to be really cold,” Eisenbraun said.

Perry said there is also a Super Plunge being held downtown on March 19 that consists of Jeff Miller, the Brookings Chief of Police, and three others plunging every hour for 24 hours. Their goal is to raise $2,500 with the Super Plunge, and people can donate at the event or at www.firstgiving.com/jeffmiller4.