Increased communication one issue facing new SA leadership


Editorial Board

Issue: New Students’ Association leadership has taken office, and we would like to propose three realistic items we think are important for them to pursue. These items have been discussed before, and we believe SA should continue to pursue and lobby for these projects.

TransportationSDSU continues to grow and is heading in the direction of an all-walking campus. As this happens, we think students should not be expected to walk from remote parking to a location across campus in sub-zero temperatures. Something needs to be done because this is not just a major inconvenience, it is dangerous. We believe a bus system that runs throughout campus is a necessity that will eventually be unavoidable. This system could eventually be expanded to pick up students living off campus, which would lead to fewer students driving altogether and would ultimately lead to a greener campus. Having a bus transportation system, whether publicly or privately run, is something to pursue.

Alcohol policyUpperclassmen housing like Berg and Bailey halls house students that are generally of legal age to consume alcohol. If students are old enough to go to bars and purchase alcohol, we believe they should not be punished for possessing alcohol in an upperclassmen hall that is almost entirely composed of students more than 21 years old. We suggest a plan similar to the extremely successful pilot of 24-hour visitation. Temporarily try out the policy for a year and see if there is any reason why it should not be implemented. It could then be expanded to other upperclassmen housing units.

CommunicationWe think communication is one of the most important things SA should pursue. SA represents the student body, and so they should continue to use the Internet and work with media outlets on campus to keep students updated and informed. Along with these output methods, the Internet should be increasingly used to gather student input. Social media sites and SA’s Web site are great places to allow students to voice their concerns and questions. This would provide SA a great tool in finding out what a wide range of students think about important campus issues.

Stance: SA should continue to focus on realistic and attainable goals. We feel the items listed above are important and feasible.