The Union Gets a Facelift


Anne Virginia Koepp

The Union has a slightly new look for students returning to campus.

“We had a lot of new changes with The Union and school over the summer,” said Jennifer Dowie, a junior early childhood education major and new student orientation leader in The Union.

The most noticeable transformations are the north and south expansion concepts on the west side of The Union.

The north concept provides a sports grille for students looking for a sit-down feel. Weary Will’s Grill will have a front counter where customers can order food and are given a buzzer that alerts them when their food is ready. The new addition incorporates SDSU memorabilia for decoration and multiple flat-screen televisions in the dining area.

The south concept will be the first national chain on campus. The Union will soon be home to Einstein Brothers Bagels, where students can pick up bagels, sandwiches and different coffee options than Java City.

“The south concept will have a coffee house feel with a fireplace and lounge chairs,” said Keith Skogstad, assistant director of the Student Union.

While the north and south concepts are estimated to be completed by Oct. 1, students will see a kiosk for Einstein Brothers Bagels on the west end of Main Street in The Union. The kiosk provides a few grab-and-go options that give a taste of what the new dining expansion will offer.

“The new expansion will add over 400 seats to The Union, nearly doubling the current seating,” said Skogstad. Also, The Market has new carpeting and new colors.

For the first few months of the fall semester, students are encouraged to dine at Larson Commons due to the limited seating until the new expansion opens.

Skogstad said “the well-known grab-and-go pizza and subs station, Jack’s Place, will be ready for business by opening weekend. This year Jack’s Place is sporting a different color scheme and more seating.”

Other changes students will notice in the lower level include a modified stage and a contemporary open-ceiling style. Outback Jacks, where students can rent assorted camping and sporting equipment, has moved to the south wall.

A new design center has taken the place of the old television lounges. This will enable Outback Jacks to print signs instead of paint them by hand. This area will be ready for business within a few weeks.

On the upper level in The Union, students will see different colors in the conference rooms as well as interior windows in the Gallery Lounge, the room on the west side of the building. Starting in November, new conference rooms will be completed after relocating from the main level.

Behind the scenes, the kitchen was given a complete makeover and was redesigned for efficiency. Aramark’s catering services now has a preparation area and expanded loading docks behind the kitchen.

Throughout the summer, construction took over much of the campus, but The Union stayed up and running.

“Although there have been minor setbacks during set-ups and tasks in The Union, the construction will be well worth it and an exciting space for all students to utilize,” said Libby Nogelmeier, an attendant with Information Exchange and a clerical assistant in the main office of The Student Union.