Brazilian DJ brings new beats

John Schimdt

John SchimdtReporter

From South America to Sioux Falls to all around the world electronic music is spreading like wildfire thanks to its fluid style and great dancing beats. Leo Silva, an electronic music disc jockey, loves to make music that people love dancing to.

Silva has been a disc jockey for 3 years, performing at venues such as The 9 Nightclub in downtown Brookings and various clubs in uptown and downtown Minneapolis. Silva was born in Brazil and later moved to Sioux Falls where he lived and played in the drum line at Lincoln High School. Silva now attends SDSU and is a psychology student.

“I have always been interested in music.” Silva said. “Being a DJ is so creative and expansive, you can create your own music.”

The overall dynamics of electronic music and the popularity of electronic music fueled Silva to become a DJ.

Silva claims there is less competition within the electronic music scene, because of the variety of ways to re-mix the music.

“A lot of electronic music is the reworking of other people’s music.” Silva said. “I’ll take your music and remix or rework it to make it better for a club scene.”

Much of this reworking is done using advances in technology that allow tracks to be stripped or layered. DJ’s can now mix two songs together to create something completely organic.

Silva claims that being a DJ is about mixing songs together or altering certain songs for a new effect.

“Technology really leveled the playing field for this style of music.” Silva said.

The growth of electronic music has played a big role in the growing nightclub scene. Clubs are starting to play electronic music more than other more common styles. The ability to mix and alter songs gives DJs the power to make electronic music appealing to everyone.

“Music is universal” Silva said. Silva has also spent time abroad, in Brazil, and claims that electronic music in South America is huge, bigger than it is in America. In other countries, the over all attendance at electronic music concerts tends to be greater than ones in America.

“In America, Dave Matthews puts on a sold out show of 60,000 people. In South America or Europe there are close to half a million at some shows.” Silva said.

Electronic music is a booming dance and club genre of music. Silva will continue DJ’ing events and making more people dance when they are listening to his music.