Reader warns motorists of the dangers of alien cyclists


The city of Brookings and the administration of South Dakota State University made a concerted effort to improve conditions for cyclists. This was intended to lay the groundwork for safer cycling and to help cyclist and motorist enjoy safe travel.


While the majority of cyclists are normal, mild-mannered students and faculty, there are alien cyclists masquerading as students and faculty on and around the campus of SDSU.


You can identify these aliens by their complete indifference to safe riding, in particular scoffing at our rules and regulations &- specifically SL 32-20B ( Note there may be NO other way to distinguish them from regular students, staff and faculty &- they could be standing in front of you, or sitting beside you this very minute, completely innocent &-


It’s up to you &- enforcement is very difficult, and with the addition of bicycle use promotion in the absence of bicycle safety and rules training, the plot (and cyclists) thickens.


*ALWAYS drive with extreme care on cycle infested routes.

*Promote &- no, DEMAND &- that responsible, safe cycling training be offered AT LEAST on a voluntary basis for all cyclists.

*Spread the news &- get handouts and other information anywhere cyclists are likely to spawn or swarm.

*Finally &- ALWAYS drive with extreme care on cycle infested routes &- hitting one will ruin your day, and not do much for the cyclist’s, either!

— Steve Van Buren, University Archives

Send letters to [email protected] or to USU 069 Box 2815, Brookings, S.D. 57006.