LETTER: Too much misinformation


To Kyle Kranz and the editorial staff at The Collegian:

I have reviewed your article “Healthy eating leads to a healthy person…”, and I am sorely disappointed in your collective fact-checking abilities. The article suggests that animal agriculture is an industry perpetuated by cruelty, and even questions the religious beliefs of individuals that eat meat or work in animal agriculture. I strongly suggest you consider YOUR choice to remain “purposefully ignorant” of the stark contrast between the picture you paint and reality.

The article states that “…cruelty almost beyond measure is happening at factory farms…”; what you fail to understand is that, beyond feeling a DEEP moral obligation to care for livestock, the only way that I or any livestock producer can remain competitive is to make the interest of the animal our top priority. And as global population continues to grow, animal protein from safe, modern production facilities will continue to be an essential source of nutrition for a hungry world.

Your assertion that Biblical truth denounces meat consumption is, again, poorly researched at best. If you will turn to Gen 9:3, you will read “Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.” In this fallen world, there is no Biblical injunction against consuming meat.

If you had spent more time on basic grammar and research than you had on compiling misinformation, you might have avoided the flood of editorial responses you are no doubt experiencing.

Seth Spronk

[email protected]