Week planned to help students understand Students? Association


The SDSU Students’ Association is putting on a Communications Week Jan. 17 -22.

Throughout this time we are going to be letting students know what Students’ Association is and what we are working on.

As Students’ Association is the voice for all students of the university, we are also going to encourage participation in these matters.

Our question for you is whether you would be willing to let some Students’ Association senators come to your meeting that week or during the month of January to give a pitch about what Students’ Association is, what is going on around campus, and how to get involved.

It would be a quick five minute presentation (most likely powerpoint) with the floor then being opened up to questions for as long as your group has time.

This is very beneficial information as a higher level of student involvement could make this campus even better than it already is. Please e-mail a reply to [email protected] as soon as possible as we would like to get the ball rolling on the planning of this event.