State University Theatre production goes Nuts


Tension hangs thick over the Bellevue Hospital courtroom in New York City as Claudia Draper challenges the psychiatrist’s diagnosis 8212; the high-class call girl is insane.

It’s a drama that will be played out on the Fishback Studio Theatre stage in the Performing Arts Center on the South Dakota State University campus Wednesday through Sunday, Feb. 16-20 and Feb. 23-27. Professor J.D. Ackman directs the State University Theatre production Nuts.

“The central theme is who gets to decide who is sane and who is not sane,” Ackman said of the two-plus-hour drama.

An interesting twist in the play, which was written in 1979 by Tom Topor, is that if Draper is found sane she will be charged with manslaughter. During testimony, insights surface into her life, including an abusive situation with her stepfather.

“It’s absolutely not a play for children,” Ackman warned.