What makes a good intramural team name?

Tyler Louder

Tyler LouderSportswriter

When it comes to intramural sports, SDSU has a lot to offer.

Just about every sport is offered here­ &- from football to soccer to billiards. So you want to play a sport here? You’re wondering what you need to get started? Just a bunch of friends, some hobo dough, and a fun/appropriate name.

The head of the intramural staff appreciates names that are creative but reasonably clean. Anything from pop culture references to college jokes. If you want though, you can have a name as simple as “team A” or “team 1”.

When looking at intramural basketball, I found some creative team names that made us want to find out more about what inspired people to choose the team name they did. The following four names were chosen for their ingenuity or creativity.

Wal-Mart Creatures

Team Creator: Caleb Ahrenstorff

“We used this as a team name in high school. We also found a website that had this as its domain name and thought it was pretty funny.” This name is very relevant to SDSU students who spend a lot of time at Wal-Mart due to the lack of shopping options we have in Brookings.

Ball Like Wall

Team Creator: Jordan Serck

“The name came from rookie sensation guard John Wall from the Washington Wizards.” This name comes at a good time. All in thanks to Troop 41 and their song “Do the John Wall” which has created a dance craze that has recently caught on.

Beefcakes R’ US

Team Creator: Kyle Chase

“We have a few farmers on our team and we are also big guys. So the name just kind of came to us naturally.” Being in South Dakota, beef is a word that fits way too well. This is a nice creative turn on Toys R’ Us.


Team Creator: Bennett Medeck

“Because it’s original and not original at the same time. Like naming a team the destroyers or the smashers. So instead of that I just rammed the two words together. BAM! Original name!” Creative, and original are correct for this one. It helps to make up words. That way they can stand out to the public.

With some pop culture influence and a creative thought process, these names have emerged. Overall, it’s great to see how creative the students of SDSU can be.