Don?t lower ticket fees


As a former student and current staff member at SDSU, I was hoping to make a comment about the editorial pertaining to the decrease in parking fines next semester. As far as I can tell from the editorial, the editors believe that a fine of $10-15 would be sufficient in deterring students from parking illegally. However, the comments made in the “Jacks React” section would seem to say otherwise. At least two of the people who reacted are saying that they would love to see parking fines reduced so that they can illegally park more with less monetary consequence. In fact, three of the people who reacted stated that they were for the reduction in fees because they themselves had gotten tickets. However, it seems many people are concerned with a lack of significant parking on campus. There are simply not enough spaces. I feel that letting more people park illegally will only decrease the number of available spaces for people who have paid for those spaces. The editors believe that there will be no increase of students illegally parking, but how could there not be? If the fine is reduced to $15, it would take getting caught 16 times to equal the cost of a reserved lot decal. This would make it fiscally irresponsible to buy a decal, because let’s be honest, nobody gets caught 16 times in one semester. I beg people to understand that a parking fine is not a required cost of attending SDSU, only one for those who choose to break the rules. Why should we encourage this?

Michael D. Dunn

SDSU Microbiologist