Aschenbrener leaves for Wisconsin


The SDSU alum has accepted a position as the assistant vice chancellor.

After seven years of service, Matthew Aschenbrener, assistant vice president of enrollment services, is saying goodbye to SDSU and pursuing another position at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater.

“I’m an SDSU alum, so it was fun to come back and work here with an exceptional staff,” Aschenbrener said. “We have a fantastic support staff that works to make the student experience successful, so I will miss them and also the students.”

Currently, Aschenbrener’s duties include helping students through difficult situations such as illnesses, death, accidents and military leave. He also works with records, enrollment, financial aid and other sectors of SDSU.

One project Aschenbrener was integral in implementing was the online tuition billing procedure. Before, students would have to stand in different lines during the billing process, but now with the option of paying online, they can save time, Aschenbrener said.

“They can pay online if they choose, which wasn’t available when I started, so that’s something we worked to implement, and it’s been successful,” Aschenbrener said.

Marysz Rames, vice president of student affairs, said Aschenbrener played a critical role in designing other student success tools.

“He’s been instrumental with the student success model,” Rames said. “He works great with students to make sure they have the best experience at SDSU as possible. He has high expertise and he’s very personable.”

Aschenbrener’s new position as assistant vice chancellor for enrollment and retention in Whitewater will be similar to the job he has at SDSU, but with more responsibilities. He will be the new supervisor of the records, financial aid, enrollment and other campus offices. It is a new position the university is implementing, and Aschenbrene