Jackrabbits can do the Dew, devour new pizza

Nick Lowrey

The popular brands, Pepsi and Papa John’s bring more options to on-campus dining.

Students can catch a caffeine buzz and cure their pizza cravings in a new way with the addition of both Pepsi and Papa John’s on campus.

Replacing Jack’s Place, Papa John’s pizza is now located in The Union’s lower level and Pepsi vending machines are scattered throughout campus.

On Aug. 1, Pepsi began moving its vending machines onto campus, ending the long Mountain Dew drought at SDSU. Pepsi has moved 42 vending machines on to campus and changed the distribution of soda vending to 60 percent Pepsi and 40 percent Coke.

According to Kendall Rohrbach, the SDSU Card Services manager, there will be no change in the day-to-day operations of campus vending machines and Card Services will still take care of refunds. Most of the new vending machines will also have card readers installed to allow the use of Hobo Dough.

The new arrival of the Pepsi machines has sparked a mostly positive reaction from several students.

Rachel Marinka Nelson, a senior music education major said, “I’m really glad SDSU finally got its act together.”

According to Susan Bunde, the marketing manager for SDSU Dining Services, Papa John’s was found, through survey results, to be a popular request for on-campus dining. The University Food Service Advisory Committee then asked campus dining to pursue the brand. Papa John’s began taking over Jack’s Place in July.

Student reaction has been somewhat mixed, however. Freshmen Cody Schnetter said, “I think it’s a good thing that Papa John’s is on campus, but I wish they gave you more options.”

There are several other new additions to dining service as well. Medary Commons has a new C-store. The Market in The Union will have two new stations: Caliente and Grille Works. There will also now be digital menu boards in The Market. A new organic section was placed in the Larson Commons C-store over the summer. Also, new menus were created for the fall semester, and Pepsi soda fountains were installed at most dining service locations.

Certain elements of dining services will be extending their hours this fall. Einstein Bros. and the Medary C-store will both be extending their hours to 10 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Meanwhile, Java City in The Union will be extending its hours until 12 a.m., Monday through Thursday.

A new dining services communication platform was also created over the summer. Students can now text “jacksdining” to 65374 and receive discounts, information on hours of service, promotions and specials.