Bum-A-Bike program coasts into fall semester

Stuart Hughes

SDSU Students’ Association’s Bum-A-Bike rental program shifted gears for the new semester, incorporating updates to the program that took to campus sidewalks last spring.

SA Senator Pat DeBoer said the program is a “work in progress” and that one kink in the program was realizing that all bikes had identical keys.

“It was an issue last year, but it’s been resolved. Each bike has an individual lock and key, and we are working now to get everyone on the same page with the program,” DeBoer said.

This will be the first full semester where the bikes are available to students. Other changes to the program have been proposed, including the way bikes are rented to students and erecting kiosks where students can swipe their I.D. card to streamline the rental process. Rental time may also be extended for students using a bike.

Junior biology major Alyson Becker says she likes the security the program offers. “I haven’t used the bikes because I have my own here, but If I ever have a problem with my bike, it’s nice to know they’re on campus as a back up,” she said.

Much of the program remains the same. There are forty bikes available to students who present their I.D. and sign a waiver to ride, located at areas outside of Medary Commons, Hansen Hall, the Wellness Center, The Union and Larson Commons. The current system allows for one day rentals with no limit to the amount of days a student can Bum-A-Bike.