Balanced diets, good health includes eating lean beef

Courtney Nolz

Growing up on a beef cattle farm, I have been blessed to have direct access to know where my food came from and how it was raised. Today, not as many people have that luxury being three generations removed from the farm or ranch. How beef is raised is a common question amongst consumers and I believe health and diet are important topics to be discussed.

The U.S. food industry enables Americans to spend less than 10-percent of their disposable income on groceries. Yet, despite this luxury, one in eight Americans still goes to bed hungry at night. On the flip side, obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. with more than 60 million Americans considered obese. I consider nutrition, health and an active lifestyle incredibly important and decided to take a closer look on healthy eating.

I fear many consumers miss out on protein-rich beef in lieu of calorie-heavy protein sources like peanut butter and beans. A 3-ounce serving of lean beef is an excellent source of protein; supplying more than half the protein most people need each day. In addition, the protein in beef is a complete, high-quality protein. This means it s