Summer TV brings the heat

Bradley Schoreit

It has been a summer of crazy reality television and super season finales. After saying goodbye to regular season shows like Glee, Grey’s Anatomy and American Idol; we ushered in our summer season television.

This summer, I have been tuned into just about every reality television show under the sun: Big Brother, Expedition Impossible, So You Think You Can Dance, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, America’s Got Talent, The Bachelorette and now, The Bachelor Pad 2.

In typical dramatic fashion, we saw yet another Bachelorette choose her dream guy on a beautiful beach in the tropics. After being tossed to the curb by every other guy, including the infamous Bentley, Ashley had a hard time finding her one true love because the guys were all expecting the former Bachelor winner’s choice, Emily, to return as the Bachelorette.

Ashley eventually found her special man after a sister-sister argument about who the right man was for her. She found herself accepting the proposal from the hunky J.P. Now, after a week break of the Bachelorette madness, America has jumped right into The Bachelor Pad, full of previous bachelors and bachelorettes. Only two episodes have aired, yet there is already some amazing drama being thrown down. We saw the return of one of the most hated winners ever, Vienna with her new beau Casey. Mouths dropped when Vienna watched ex-fiancé Jake Pavelka walk through the door. It is sure to be a thrilling season, with many ups and downs. Since the show is still in its early stages, there is plenty of time to dive into this guilty pleasure.

My favorite shows of the summer are coming to a close, and one has already ended. So You Think You Can Dance, had by far its best season of dancing to date. We saw the return of all-stars and found new stars in this captivating season. There were guest judges, including Christina Applegate and Lady Gaga; and a winner emerged early in the season when they discovered Melanie Moore, who eventually won it all.

The finale of a new show called Expedition Impossible airs next Thursday. This show is a combination of Survivor and Amazing Race. I think this show could be around for many more great seasons.

On America’s Got Talent, we are down to the semifinals, with the finale airing Oct. 15. It airs every Tuesday with the results show on Wednesday.

Finally, my favorite reality show of the summer is Big Brother on CBS. This show airs on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is a show just like Survivor, but the contestants are locked in a house and evicted one by one. They are down to the elite eight. This is one show that is sure not to disappoint, so don’t miss a single episode.

Some shows to keep your eye on are, of course, MTV’s golden classics like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom; MTV will also be aired its best award show, the VMA’s on Aug. 28 with its exciting opening act Lady Gaga. A few more shows to watch out for are FOX’s The X Factor, created by Simon Cowell, and the return of America’s Next Top Model. This year on Top Model, is an all-star season of girls who are coming back from previous seasons to try again at winning it all.

Also, don’t forget about the return of CBS’s Survivor, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and FOX’s Glee.