Jackrabbits all shook up


The Jacks had a rockin’ good time in Oklahoma in more ways than one.

The SDSU volleyball team received a crash-course in plate tectonics on their road trip last weekend. Yes, they experienced an earthquake. Actually, two earthquakes, but most players were sleeping during the Friday-night quake.

“Most of our players didn’t feel the first one,” Head Coach Phil McDaniel said. “On Friday night there was an earthquake at about 2:30 (a.m.) or so and most of our players didn’t feel it.”

The quakes happened while the team was in Tulsa, Okla., for their matchup with Oral Roberts.

One of the quakes was the largest ever recorded in Oklahoma, registering a 5.6 magnitude.

For a pair of South Dakota natives on the team, Kelli Fiegen and Ellyce Youngren, it was their first time experiencing an earthquake.

“All of the sudden the lamp shades start moving, the curtains start moving,” Fiegen said. “We were on the fifth floor and all of the sudden phones are ringing everywhere and people were diving out in the hallway [saying] ‘can you feel that? Can you feel that?’.”

For players who grew up mostly in the Midwest, what to do during an earthquake isn’t exactly common knowledge.

“Emily Palmer was my roommate and we were just sitting on the bed and [when the quake started] we looked at each other and ran to the window to see if we could see the cars shaking,” Youngren said. “Then we thought ‘this is probably not what you’re supposed to do during an earthquake’.”

The second quake that the team  felt struck after SDSU’s 3-1 victory over Oral Roberts while the team was winding down at the hotel.

“It shook us enough that everybody got up and got out in the hallway and once we realized everything was okay and got everybody calmed back down it wasn’t too bad,” McDaniel said.