Return of The Spill Canvas


Hearing of South Dakota in national news outlets is about as common as a unicorn sighting. However with the return of The Spill Canvas, South Dakota might become a more common name in the music industry.

Hailing from Sioux Falls, The Spill Canvas released its first album, Go for the Jugular, in 2002. Its most recent release, Formalities, was in July 2010. The band proceeded to find success signing with Sire Records in late 2006. The Spill Canvas played the entirety of the 2007 Vans Warped Tour. The progress didn’t end there. The quartet continued to play with bands like Yellowcard, Steel Train and Ludo. They then went over to Europe to play with Plain White T’s and The Fold.

How does a band from an unknown area make a name for itself?

“It is always hard to get your music recognized no matter what city you’re from. But it definitely makes it even harder when you’re from a smaller area with less exposure. But with the advent of the Internet it makes me it a little bit easier for bands from smaller towns to get their music out to the public,” said bassist Landon Heil.

The last tour was in the summer of 2010 with Goo Goo Dolls and Switchfoot. That is, the last tour, until now.

In January 2011, the band declared an indefinite hiatus and it was unsure when they would return. However, a cryptic tweet was sent out by the band, “Tell your friends to follow @thespillcanvas we are going to be posting lots of interesting news and announcements in the coming weeks!” For a while, no one really understood what was happening. Until now.

On Oct. 28, The Spill Canvas played a reunion show in Sioux Falls. A second show is scheduled for Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. on the Market Stage in the Union.

“I saw The Spill Canvas play last Friday and they are amazing live, so it’s great that they are going to come play for us at SDSU. Everyone should come and check them out and support music up here,” said Raury Cruse, an entrepreneurial studies major.

For those students unable to attend the first show, this is their opportunity.

“I’m excited for The Spill Canvas to come to campus. I couldn’t make it to the Sioux Falls show last Friday so I’m pumped to see this one. I’m sure it’ll be a good time,” said sophomore sociology major Christina Engeman.

The band is excited to be a part of SDSU’s Hobo Week.

“We are very excited to play Brookings. We have been off for almost a year and it’s definitely awesome to be getting back into the groove. Plus, Hobo Day is an awesome occasion and it’s great to be a part of the tradition this year,” Heil said.

Getting the band here wasn’t a simple task.

“I had talked to a guy who said he managed the band and we set up a date for the middle of October. But at the end of September, I found out this guy didn’t actually manage the band or book shows,” said Alex Kunz, University Program Council’s concerts coordinator. “I’ve been talking directly to the band for a month now, and it just fell into place that they had Nov. 3 open.

Kunz says working with the band through this fast process has been very smooth. He claims they aren’t divas. They seem like “bros” with a decent list of requests.

The band has closer ties to SDSU than students may think.

“We are very excited to play Brookings because it’s so close to home and it’s been such a long time since we’ve made it up there.  Also, I am taking a couple classes up there so I feel proud to be playing at my school,” said drummer Joe Beck.

Because the event hill happen during Hobo Week, drawings will be held for spirit points for organizations.

“For a better chance to win [spirit points], more people from every organization should show up,” said Grand Pooba Briana Troske.

Why the Market stage instead of the usual VBR?

“I just wanted a very free feeling. I wanted the open atmosphere for everyone. People can look down from the balcony, people can hang out and just enjoy a free show,” Kunz said. “Also, people should arrive early if they want food from the Market before the concert. They don’t want to miss a second of this great show.”

The Spill Canvas brings a nice change of genre to the SDSU concert scene.

“I think The Spill Canvas coming to campus is a wonderful thing because they’re different. They aren’t country or folk or rap. It’s nice to get a band on campus that isn’t one of those genres. Bands like The Spill Canvas would be nice to see on campus more often,” said Marian Hooks, a sophomore journalism major.

The excitement over the return of The Spill Canvas continues with the release of its Kickstarter project this week. Kickstarter is a website that allows fans to donate to bands in order to fund various projects. Normally, rewards are given in exchange for donations such as signed merchandise, phone calls or The Audition, another Kickstarter band has offered up its van.

“We have a Kickstarter project that should launch this week.  We are so excited about it because it gives our fans a chance to be directly involved with the recording process.  Fans can go donate to our album budget, and in turn can receive a plethora of rewards and incentives to get more involved,” Beck said.

For more information on the concert, contact Alex Kunz at (605)688-6173.